About Us

we started out with the goal of creating an online boutique that caters to femboys, of course! as a gender non-conforming person, it's my belief that having more spaces that specifically cater to people outside of the traditional gender binary is part of the progress we need. it can be uncomfortable shopping for clothes when you're gender non-conforming, and while this may not be as big of a problem online, it can still be much more comforting to shop in a space that caters to your own community. (also, just saying, it would be a dream come true for us to go brick-and-mortar one day!) one important way we cater to gender non-conforming people where many mainstream apparel stores do not, is the inclusion of clothes that alter the frame of your body (ie; binders, corsets, etc) for that great gender-affirming feeling that they can bring:) 


Femboy Summer is a queer owned small business which aims to provide a variety of fun and cute clothes and accessories to any person who wants to take a walk on the feminine side. All of our products are sourced from top Japanese, Korean, and Chinese brands to deliver a fresh and unique collection of products.