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Plaid Skirt with Pouch Pocket and Chains

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Brightly colored and flowy fun for summer! This adorable plaid skirt has a pouch style pocket and chains added for a special touch. 

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Material: Cotton
Material: Polyester

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike Hand

First time I took was small, ordered g now and is perfect! Super beautiful removable skirt and pocket. Arrived in little over 1 month!

Pierce Murazik

Short delivery time and material in good condition. I recommend it.

General Stark

Envío algo lento. pero falda perfecta. tiene elástico detrás y pensé que era rígida total que era como la quería, pero bueno, con un cinturón no se nota tanto y no me cae. El bolsillo es genial porque cabe el móvil, o el tabaco y las llaves, o la cartera... y si no quieres un día, lo quitas. preciosos colores. viene con pantalones debajo pero son bastante transparentes. 10/10*

Lottie Rice

love it! had some minor issues - zipper gets stuck near the upper edge, the chain came with without anything to attach it to the skirt (I had to add a key ring), and also it sits kind of straight and boxy and not really A-line shape (which always happens to me with similar style skirts, I cut out the inner shorts so I can wear an underskirt to puff it up a bit, like in second pic with the heels).