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lovely dress

This dress seems well made however it is slightly different than the advertised picture but that's a non-issue. The size is accurate and it is comfy to me, in order to make this dress really great one must add a belt or cinch.
My current issues with wearing this dress only come from me needing to lose a little weight to make it perfect but that's on me not the manufacturer.

Knit Fingerless Gloves

Sizing needs work

Sizing seems to run small, other than that ok product.

Pleated Plaid Mini Skirt
Nicholas Campbell
I love it

Seriously It's amazing. I love it and I think that it fits me and my general aesthetic perfectly

Love it but beware sizing

I ordered this as an extra large because I wanted it to be oversized and it fits me like a small. Luckily I wear a small no problem. Beware of sizing

Stockings are perfect

Just like the photos. So adorable and perfect. Would definitely buy again!


Fit perfectly and absolute femboy perfection! So hot 😍🔥🔥

Perfect gift for my catenby friend

Bought this as a xmas gift for my beloved best friend, they love catgirl maids and such things, and often dream of being one themself. Im sure they will be overjoyed for this! It came quickly in the mail and the shipping was free!

They look great

I saw these earings in one of stanzi's yt shorts and i realy wanted them so im glad i saw them here in the shop

Non-Stop Crop Top
Giorno Giovanna
wtf is that diablo from jojo

omg it is diablo from golden wind from jojo

Size too small, fabric too thin

The hoodie is made with a very thin fabric, and was too small despite getting the one that matched my measurements (Picture from behind is misleading). Might wear it out casually, but not recommended for any especially chilly days.


Fits perfect! Great material, very pretty dress. Do recommend.

Cropped & Chained Hoodie
Jonathan Kim

It looks as hot as hell on anyone who wears it, especially if they do so with confidence; two of my friends have already asked me where they can get their own. As others have said it is quite thin and delicate, but at the same time as it is a crop top it was never going to be the most 'bad weather appropriate' gear.

Fits well but doesn't give the shape I had hoped for

The sizing is spot on, at the waist, hips and bust for me (size XL). The stitching seems fairly sturdy, the lace is cute. I was just hoping the skirt would have a bit more flare I think. Also the ribbon at the front is stitched in place which I don't love

Very good!

This panties are really good and comfortable! They fit really well and would highly recommend.

So cute and soft!

Was initially a bit scared to wash it- but it holds up great! Love it, super comfy!

Argyle Skull Mini Skirt
Violet picti
Fit perfect

Cute pattern, material felt great, for was perfect for my body. Would buy again. Sorry I missed out on the sweet ass matching vest.

Very nice but meh quality

I love it, it fits great and looks fantastic, but the quality of the fabric and production is not the best, still very happy with the purchase.

Perfect, just Perfect

Fits great, fine quality. 10/10

Puffed Sleeve Turtleneck Top
Lando Avagiannis
High quality top, slightly itchy

After wearing the piece for a while, it does become itchy where the 2 kinds of fabrics are sewn together. Other than that, this top is amazing, I’d recommend.

Strawberry Sweater Vest

It’s thinner than I thought it’d be and not the most stretchy but I love the design

Frilly Pearls Sweater

I'm sorry for my last review it actually did come and it was nice 😊

Extra-Long Distressed Striped Sweater
Distressed sweater

Ordering and paying was super easy. The package arrived within two weeks.
The sweater turned out to be pretty small for a 6"2 guy but I love to wear it over a thong or jockstrap.
Will order again!


Cutest sweater I've ever bought, AND it fits perfectly! ❤

Eclectic Aesthetic Sweatpants
Cathryn Beahan

I loved it very much! It took just over three weeks for Mexico, but honestly it was worth it, the fabric is thick but soft and warm well, and the drawings have excellent quality! I ordered in size L